Living with osteo arthritis

Living with osteoarthritis has it’s issues!

Sudden pain anywhere anytime, tiredness frequently, you can’t do what you once could, any knock on any affected joint causes sharp effect of arthritisand very uncomfortable pain and this is usually the fingers as these are the most used joints. These joints in my hand here hurt on and off all the time, but if I were to knock any of those joints (say on a door as I go through) the pain stops you in your tracks.

Obviously, just by looking at the fingers there are many things that I can’t do that I once did, more on that later!

So having seen this, it is probably timely to discuss what exactly isĀ Osteoarthritis (OA). It is a chronic condition of the joints and in most people it is as a result of normal wear and tear of our daily lives which causes it.

People who play a lot of sport in their younger days may develop ridingbikearthritis at a younger age, most likely this is because they have accelerated the ageing process of their bodies, which naturally includes joints.

In normal speak it is when the padding between the joints wears out, have a guess at what this does, causes pain. The pain it causes differs from person to person, so in most situations when someone says they have pain from arthritis and that it hurts a helluva lot … believe them!

More living with osteoarthritis follows.

Working out what you can and can't do