Pain relief for severe pain

Osteoarthritis can cause continual pain with break-out pain also occurring at the most unexpected times.

What does this mean?

It means that the affected joints are always causing pain because that is the nature of the disease, with additional pain coming from flare-ups (or break-out pain) in pain caused by any number of factors. For me I often try to push the boundaries and my flare-ups are caused by things like:

  • pushing past known levels of discomfort
  • changing direction to one that I know will cause pain (stupid huh)
  • over-reaching
  • staying in one position too long

There are many and varied techniques for the treatment of chronic pain, including:

  • Ice packs
  • Heat packs
  • Relaxation
  • Behaviourial modification
  • TENS –   transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
  • Exercise
  • Deep Muscle Relaxation

How bad is bad?

Isn’t this the silliest type of discussion? NO, it is not because it is extremely difficult for someone who has chronic pain to relate to others how bad the pain is, very difficult indeed.

When sitting in the armchair watching television many of your joints can be aching, quite often to the point where it is too difficult to stay in this position. But, whilst that is bad there is far worse scenarios for the pain issue to cause such pain that it is unbearable.

I know that recently I was in severe pain, rocking back and forward trying to ease the pain and even though I am taking painkillers and other treatments this pain is still hitting me this hard. At this time there is not much scope for thinking until the pain becomes so bad that you just want it to end, and you would do almost anything to achieve that result.

Once the pain had subsided on this occasion my partner who had sat there not knowing what to do and feeling utterly helpless asked me if I could describe the pain and how it felt.

My answer shocked even me, it was:

I was thinking that if I could peel back my skin and muscles to get to the bones and then get a massage it would help tremendously.

Now that is bad, and answers the question: How bad is bad?

Pain relief for severe pain

Obviously trying to work out a pain management strategy to assist with resolving and obtaining a level of pain relief for severe pain is becoming the most important issue I have to get onto, or is it?

Well, if you listen to the medical fraternity it is, and until I can get myself onto a better solution I must agree.

And in the immediate term I need to get on top of the pain, so my pain relief strategy must become a priority.

One of the things I am going to be doing is to keep a journal over the next ten days to assist my doctor in working out a pain management plan.

My pain relief strategy at the moment is 300 mg Tramadol Slow release taken at 100 mg in the morning and 200 mg at night.


Water exercises for arthritis – Aquarobics

Water exercises for arthritis or Aquarobics, is of benefit to arthritis sufferers because the density of the water allows easy mobility especially during exercise. It is an effective way for arfthritis sufferers to gain some exercise which will reduce inflammation and pain eventually whilst additionally providing them with muscle-strengthening activity.

While similar to normal gym based aerobics, Aquarobics focuses on cardiac training, by adding the components of water resistance and buoyancy. The heart is working just as hard in underwater exercising and actually pumps more blood to the heart.[1]

And the benefits of this training includes the use of opposing muscles for a balanced workout. The push and pull of the water is better for already stressed joints whilst increasing the workout for all muscles being used.

The most common chronic disease

As at 2007 there were approximately 1.8 million Australians with osteoarthritis compared to over 21 million people in the USA who all suffer from one the most common chronic joint diseases.


Take Control with exercise

Arthritis Foundation’s “Take Control with Exercise,”

Is it really possible to take control of your life again with the use of exercise?

Don’t know yet, haven’t achieved that yet, even worse haven’t started to exercise.